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Campus Ministry Job Description

Guelph Campus Ministry is currently accepting applications for a half-time, contractually limited, campus minister.  The term of the contract will be August 15, 2018 to May 30, 2019. If necessary, the start date may be as late as September 4, 2018. The successful candidate will work alongside our half-time campus minister. The two campus ministers will essentially share the same job description and be of equal standing in terms of ministry leadership.  In September, the staff team, together with the Board of Directors, will outline specific roles for one another based on current interests and gifts in ministry.  Collaboration and teamwork will be of the utmost importance.


What follows is our vision for ministry and a description of the position.  As you read through this package, it is our hope that you get a sense of our deep desire to participate in God’s redemptive project.


Guelph Campus Ministry Vision Statement

Guelph Campus Ministry is a Christ-centered fellowship that is

Celebrating the life of Jesus Christ,

Growing in faith,

Building community, and

Engaging campus, bearing witness to God’s love for this world.


Our vision for student-led ministry has everything to do with Leadership Development.  At its core, GCM is a means for students to get involved in ministry and develop their gifts.  Student leadership is encouraged in the following four areas:  Justice, Hospitality, Education and Worship.  As part of the Multi-Faith Resource Team, GCM recognizes diversity and works toward understanding across faith traditions.


Parameters of Ministry

Guelph Campus Ministry is a bridging Christian community.  We want to see students and staff connecting with local churches; we work in partnership with non-profits and other community organizations within the City of Guelph; and we encourage our community members to work collaboratively with other student groups.  In other words, we do not want our community members to offer leadership only within the confines of our own Christian community.  We want to bear witness more broadly to God’s love for the whole of this world. 


Our staff team is encouraged to model this vision for ministry.  The campus minister’s primary job is to develop student leaders. Each of the four areas of ministry are weighted equally under that umbrella, and the campus ministers should spend 20% of their time in the areas of Justice, Hospitality, Education and Worship, as well as the other ministry activities listed below.


The campus minister serves as a resource person, pastor and teacher for the fostering of such a community.  Exemplifying a life of faith and obedience to Christ, the campus minister seeks out and ministers to members of the University of Guelph multi-faith community (undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff), including members of the Christian Reformed Church. 


The Campus Minister’s Job Description

Leadership development and mentoring is the primary activity of our campus ministry team.  Campus ministers are encouraged to seek out, encourage and mentor those students who have shown significant leadership gifts, encouraging these students to participate fully on campus (and in the City of Guelph), organizing worship opportunities, discipleship initiatives, hospitality events and justice-related volunteer opportunities.


Justice (20%)

1.           Justice-Related Initiatives—Connect with local non-profits and establish volunteer opportunities for students off campus, as well as facilitate ongoing participation in advocacy campaigns on campus. 


2.           Campus Engagement—Relate with faculty and university staff members, including those in senior administrative positions, and serve on strategic campus committees where appropriate.  This also includes being available to teach from a Christian perspective, contributing to credit courses, non-credit courses, guest lectures and articles in the campus press.


Hospitality (20%)

1.      Hospitality-Related Events—Organize Orientation Week events, weekly student dinners and other gatherings that serve to support students in very practical ways.  This includes reaching out to students, faculty and staff from different Christian backgrounds and those who are seekers.


Education (20%)

1.      Faith Formation and Discipleship—Educate students and help develop their faith through organized Bible studies and small group discussions, exploring contemporary implications of a Christian worldview.  This education is directed to whole-life discipleship, but takes seriously the academic context of the ministry, helping students relate their faith creatively to their studies.


2.      Christian Education and Collaborative Efforts—Encourage students to partner with other Christian student groups, hosting conferences, organizing workshops and presenting lectures that integrate faith with the rest of life.  Model this collaborative spirit.


3.           Multi-Faith Team Participation—Maintain good relations with other faith representatives on the Multi-Faith Team, planning events together, and be an active member of a Christian Church organization.




Worship (20%)

1.      Worship—Facilitate student-led worship opportunities on campus, fostering unity among all Christian student groups and encouraging students to participate in local churches. 


2.           Preaching—Share God’s Word with the churches of Classis Huron and local supporting churches, relaying pertinent stories of faith and lessons learned within the campus context.


Other Ministry Activities (20%)

1.      Pastoral Care—Offer pastoral care to those students who wish to speak with the campus minister about their personal life and/or their Christian faith by maintaining a visible and accessible profile on campus.              


2.           Vision Casting—Periodically assess and evaluate the direction of the ministry, as well as plan for new opportunities on campus.  Remain alert and flexible to changes on the campus and in the attitudes of students and faculty. 


3.       Governance—Meet regularly with the Board of Directors of Guelph Campus Ministry, reporting on all existing programs and interactions, providing information on new initiatives and recent developments on campus. 



1.       Education: A Masters degree either completed or close to completion.   The integration of faith and learning is a key component of our vision for ministry, and the candidate’s education and related experience must demonstrate a desire and ability to speak into such integration.

2.       Personality Traits: A campus minister must be able to communicate clearly, listen well and interact confidently with students, staff and faculty.  He/she must be open and welcoming, as well as a faithful and compassionate witness to God’s grace.  An ability to work collaboratively within a team environment is a necessity.



Compensation and Terms of Employment

1.       Time Commitment: This position is considered a half-time  contract position, with employment averaging 20 hours per week.  Given the nature of the academic calendar, there are peak times of the year that are offset by slower seasons.

2.       Salary:  The salary will be based on education and experience.

3.       Vacation: The campus minister is entitled to two weeks of vacation in  the contract period.

4.       Probation Period: There is an initial two-month probation period, after which the Board of Directors will review performance.

5.       Resignation/termination: A minimum of four weeks notice will be given if any ministry staff chooses to resign his/her position, or the Board decides that it is necessary to terminate the campus minister’s employment.

6.       Further specifics will be negotiated in the offer of employment.



Application Process

All interested applicants are invited to send the following documents to the Board of Directors:

  • Cover Letter—The cover letter should serve as an introduction to the applicant and highlight the reasons the application should be considered. Please also include the names and contact information for three references.
  • Resume or CV—The resume should capture the relevant educational background and related work experience. Please put your last name in the name of the file(s) that you send.


The application package can be sent by e-mail to . All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. Please ensure the application will be received by June 26, 2018.


                                                                                                                                       Adopted June 2018



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