Guelph Campus Ministry

Sara DeMoor - Campus Minister 

Sara DeMoorSara has been a campus minister (half-time) with Guelph Campus Ministry since May 2017, and has a deep appreciation for the University of Guelph and its diverse, fascinating students. Prior to joining GCM, Sara was a campus minister at the University of Toronto for 9 years, working with a staff team and ministering primarily with graduate students. In her role as campus minister, Sara enjoys meaningful conversations with students, extending hospitality at community dinners, collaborating with colleagues on the Multi-Faith Resource Team, and wrestling with big questions. She's always eager to meet for coffee (though she'll drink tea) to get to know you. When not on campus, Sara enjoys growing vegetables, cultivating friendships, and -- while commuting to campus or washing the dishes--listening to and learning from a variety of podcasts.

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